It’s no secret: We love to travel and this is why we present leading boutique and design-oriented hotels on We currently offer Hotels in Europe and plan to offer other destinations in our unique hotel portfolio in the near future. Our member hotels all have one thing in common: all UNYCU member hotels are unique. During business trips or on weekend trips, we are often asked: what do we take with us when traveling? That’s why we put together an individual pack list with things like suitcases, chargers, notebooks, tablets, sunglasses, and headphones that we always take with us and don´t want to miss. All items can be ordered on Amazon and we will expand our packing list soon and keep presenting news. Like the newest THE SMALLEST HOTEL BOOK OF THE WORLD Edition, which appears every year. We hope our list is an inspiration and travel motivation. Have fun exploring and enjoy traveling.



Have you been keeping your eye open for new and personalized experiences, one of a kind boutique hotels, in style restaurants, trendy event venues for the next event? UNYCU provides all this and more. The name UNYCU stands for UNIQUE FOR YOU-therefore original for you.